Christian Mumenthaler, PhD

Data Insights | Data Visualisation | Data Training

In the digital age, decoding human behavior transcends academic interest, becoming pivotal for solving complex business issues. Our daily digital interactions, via social media, emails, smartphones, and web searches, create vast data pools. However, the actual value of Big Data lies not in its volume but in the analytics that translate digital footprints into actionable insights.

I’m a Data Scientist and Professor at the Department of Information Science of the Geneva School of Business Administration, Switzerland (HES-SO). I stand at the intersection of technology and human behavior. With a PhD in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Geneva, I specialize in deriving strategic insights from varied datasets and in data visualization. My expertise blends advanced analytics with narrative and storytelling, not just revealing insights but crafting them into compelling narratives that inspire and provoke action, grounded in robust data evidence.

At the Digital Behavior Analytics Lab, we harness the power of Big Data to decode human behavior through technology. By merging advanced analytics with narrative, we transform vast digital data into deep insights, fostering academic understanding and strategic applications.